Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Notice and Note (Part 1)

We are FINALLY finished our benchmark testing (a great way to start the school year, right?!?) and today I got to do some teaching! Over the summer, I read the book, Notice and Note, and really liked it. For the last few years, I've struggled with getting the kids to stop and dig deep while reading. They do okay when I stop them during their reading and ask a question to get them thinking, but getting them to do it on their own? It's been a struggle!

Anyway, this year I'm giving this strategy a whirl. In a nutshell, this book suggests there are six "signposts" to look out for while reading, and when you come across one, you need to stop and ask yourself a question that will help you dig deeper into the text.

Today's signpost was, "Contrasts and Contradictions," and I followed the plan from the book. The kids did great with it! We talked about it, put some notes in our ISN, and then read a short story for some guided practice. Then I had them read a second short story on their own for some independent practice. (I have a full 90 minute block for ELA, so there was plenty of time for all these activities!) All in all, great day! I'm excited to see how the kids do using this strategy this year :)

Happy teaching!!


  1. I really want to get this book do the sign posts come in the book?

    1. Yes! The signposts are in the book, along with lesson plans for teaching each one :)

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