Friday, September 5, 2014

The Numbering of the Notebooks

My students' first day was Thursday. I seem to have a GREAT class, though I know everyone is on their best behavior the first few days! Anyway, today was a full day and I dove right into teaching. The first thing I did was hand out our Reader's Notebooks.
I started using an interactive student notebook for reading about three years ago and have NEVER looked back! I love them and feel like it's completely streamlined the way I teach. I have a sibling of a former student this year and he commented that his sister was still using her notebook in 8th grade. It really is packed with a ton of valuable info by the end of the year.
I only used hard-covered marble copy books. My first year I used a spiral and they were a mess by June. Never again! The first thing we need to do is number all the pages. It's a beast of a job and takes a while, but it's essential.
I recommend you make this a "no talking" activity because if they break their concentration, mistakes happen. After they finish, we block off the first five pages for a table of contents. Now our books are ready for use starting next week. I read the book Notice and Note over the summer and will spend next week teaching the first three signposts. I'm eager to see how it goes!!

Happy Friday :)

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