Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How Do You End Your School Year?

Ahhh... the EOY PARCC testing is over... my SGO testing is over... all of my end-of-year paperwork is completed!!

Happy May Everyone!!

So, my question to you is: how do you end your school year? Are you a keep-teaching-until-the-end sorta teacher, or is projects-til-they-drop more your style?

I'm the latter. I love projects! And usually, as I struggle to keep up with pacing guides and testing schedules, projects often get dropped from my plans during the school year, so I love busting out all of my most favorites during the last few weeks of school.

Right now in math, we are working on this:

I've used this project in my classroom for YEARS and it's always a hit! We just started it on Tuesday after our last day of PARCC testing.

The kids are already loving it! Their favorite part is dreaming up their rides and giving them outlandish names! They also enjoy creating the menus for their concession stands. I had two boys spend 20 minutes today researching what foods can and cannot be deep fried!!

And don't worry!! There is also math :)

We started this project a bit earlier in the year than I typically do, because after we finish it, we will be starting on this:

This might just be one of the coolest purchases I've ever made on Teachers Pay Teachers! I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

I'm in the process of setting up two great projects in ELA, too, so stay tuned, as I'll be posting about them over the next few weeks!

So, how do you end your school year? I'd love to hear from you!!

Happy Teaching!!

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