Sunday, November 1, 2015

Awesome Site (and a little self-promotion!)

So last week, I posted about Plickers. And, as impressed as I was about the Plickers product, I was equally (if not even a little more!) impressed with Annette Sapp's video promoting Plickers. Her video was super cool and unlike anything I'd seen before. I immediately Googled "PowToon," the watermark that appeared in the corner of her video, and signed-up for a free trial.

PowToon is fun!! It's like a super-snazzy cross between PowerPoint and Photostory. There is a bit of a learning curve (a curve I'm still traveling!!), but once you get the gist, you can make some cool slide shows or "movies."

When I signed up, I was offered a free subscription to a slight upgrade for educators. Apparently, they were/are giving away $10 million worth of "classroom accounts." I can't find that "plan" listed on their website, so I can't really say what more is included in that plan than the free plan. I'm not sure if the $10 million promotion is still going, but check your email after signing up for the free plan and see if they offer you an upgrade!

Anyway, PowToon works very much like PowerPoint in that you create a series of slides. But, it gets a little PhotoStory-like in that you have lots of options for fun transitions and music. Additionally, they offer a slew of cool animated gifs that you can add to your video.

Here is the one I created. It's an ad for my Interactive Notebook - HUGE Bundle! that I plan to promote on Facebook.

My mind flips, dances, and swirls when I think about all the cool movies I'm going to make for my students! I've used PowerPoint basically since I started teaching, but I think I'm hooked on PowToon!

Ever given PowToon a try? I'd love to see some of your movies!

Happy PowToon-ing!!

P.S. PowToon has absolutely no idea who I am and did not pay me to write about my experience!