Friday, January 1, 2016

Writing Through the Year

Happy New Year!! I hope this post finds you well, rested, and geared up for the second half of the school year!!

Did you lesson plan over the break, or are you cramming it all into this weekend?!?

So, I did some planning... a lot of planning actually!!

If you've read this blog for a while, you know that this is my first year teaching 7th grade. Before that, I had taught 6th grade (both ELA and math) for YEARS!! Anyway, I'm a long-term planner... like, I try to have a tentative year-long plan in place starting in September. But, since this is my first year in a new grade, in a new building, with a new curriculum, I had to feel some things out before I put my year-long plan in place.

I am happy to say, though, that I think I've got it down, at least for writing... and it looks a little something like this:

Obviously, September-December is already over... but, this is similar to what I did in 2015, with a few tweaks that I'll be following for next year.

Ahh... I cannot even tell you how GREAT it feels to have this finished! I love having a game plan for the year... it calms me :)

I've also bundled (bundle is Teachers Pay Teachers lingo for $avings!!) all these units together and put them up for sale on TpT. Because the units are so large (combined, all twenty units are over 700 pages!), I had to split them into two parts.

A Year of Writing-Part 1 (September through December) is available here.

A Year of Writing-Part 2 (January through May) is available here.

Yes, I am loving life now that this is finished!! I won't be able to set a year-long plan in place yet for reading because I need to spend the year with the new anthology before doing that (seeing how kids react to the stories is essential for effective planning). But, since I've got writing finished, I can focus my whole summer on planning for reading!

So, did you plan over your break, or was school the furthest thing from your mind?!? I'd love to hear from you!!

Happy Teaching!! (and New Year!!)


  1. You are a rockstar! Seriously. My schedule has changed every year since I've been in this high school, and I'm slowly working toward organizational plans. The fact that you're so prepared is making me somewhat envious. Probably I'll be purchasing some of your stuff to see about modifying it for my SEI (Sheltered English) ninth grade students.

    1. Thank you! Don't be envious... I'm a mess in plenty of other places :)

  2. Replies
    1. I teach grammar through the mentor texts that we use for each writing unit :)

  3. Hi Jenna, do your conferencing sheets for while students are drafting come in the pack? Also, do you have a bundle for your mini lessons for the grammar?

    1. Hi there! Many of my products contain a conferencing sheet. If you purchase one of the "Year Long" bundles, you will find it for sure! At this time, I don't have a bundle for my grammar mini-lessons, and I'm not sure that I will. I teach grammar through the mentor piece for each unit... so for example, if I'm doing a lesson on simple, compound, and complex sentences, then I will draw students' attention to several sentences in the mentor piece that illustrate those. So, the order in which I teach grammar lessons is determined by the mentor pieces that I use!