Sunday, July 31, 2016


It's here, Friends.

I am so incredibly excited for this year's sale! My shopping cart is overflowing!!

You will not be able to beat the deal on my Year of Writing Instruction:

Part One: September-December

Part Two: January-May

Also, you'll find a great price on my HUGE Interactive Notebook BUNDLE!!

And now is a great time to check out my latest Bundle:

So, what's on your list this year? I'd love to hear from you!!

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Hi Jenna, I'm so confused as to what to purchase from your store. I'm a 5th grade teacher and love the pacing you posted about. However I'm not sure which of your products, other than the writing from lists, you would suggest to purchase for this grade level. I'd love your input as I want to take advantage of the sale!

    1. HI Denise!

      Okay, I haven't taught 5th grade, but I have had 5th grade teacher-friends use lots of my products in their classrooms with great success. I've also had lots of teachers of grades as low as 3rd use my writing units, making adjustments as necessary, and have written to say they were successful. If you were to buy the Year of Writing Instruction, you'd probably have to tweak some parts. You may find that a few of the mini-lessons are a bit much for 5th grade and you also might want to tweak the argument writing unit just to focus more on supporting an opinion. (Do you teach argument in 5th grade? Here in NJ, we do supporting an opinion in 5th grade and argument in 6th.)

      IF you are looking to make no tweaks, and just want to print-and-go, I think you'd do fine with Writing from Lists (any grade level can do this!), Narrative Writing: A Writer's Workshop for Common Core, Using Compare and Contrast to Inform/Explain: A Writer's Workshop for Common Core, and Literary Analysis Writing: A Writer's Workshop for Common Core.

      Hope that helps!!


    2. Yes thank you! I will start with that and then maybe add some more later if need be. THANK YOU!