All About Me

Hi there! I'm Jenna and I've been teaching for ten years now. I'm married to a teacher and we have four beautiful kiddos. Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful blog filled with ideas! It's especially helpful because I teach math, reading, and writing in middle school too (and my name is Jenna)! I'm trying to navigate my first year as a teacher, and your videos on readers'/writers' notebooks set a great foundation. :)

  2. Jenna,
    Just discovered your blog and love it. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I am especially interested in the IN pages using the Signposts from the book Notice and Note. I searched your TpT store for those, but couldn't find them. Could you lead me in the right direction? I really want to introduce my students to the signposts next school year and these seem like they would make great tools for them to keep in their INs.
    Thanks again!

  3. I adore your materials on TPT and am so thankful for this website! Thank you so much!

  4. Do you still teach math at all? I really love your ELA and writing items but I would love to see more math as well.

    1. Hi! So, I don't teach math anymore :( But, I do still have lots of math content to put up on the blog... I just need more time in my day!!

  5. How to I sign up to automatically get new posts on the blog?

  6. How do you find previous posts? I wanted to read your post about organizing your files in the plastic storage boxes vs binders or hanging file folders in the file drawer! Do you still think this is the best way to get organized?

  7. Just watched the reading 411 video. Love how you combine use of anthology with workshop. Want/need to do same. How do you structure the anthology time? Do you spend one 30 min period just reading the story? Sometimes they are long. Don you figure out a lesson for each day depending on the story you have to use?

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